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Server & Rules
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31st Dec 2013

The following rules relate to the game server and forum, Everyone will be expected to adhere to the following both Admins & Players:

  • Respect all members and admins.
  • Try and keep foul language / profanity to acceptable levels (especially during daylight hours for GMT+0 as there is no enforced age restriction here)
  • Do not spam or flame regardless of relevance, Using capitals or repeating yourself will not encourage people to read it more.

The following is related souly to the Game server:

  • ANY PVP IS STRICLTY NIGHT TIME ONLY - ( Obviously without the ability to get server messages up at particular times, I am relying on user discretion for people to agree/know as when the PVP start and cutoff point will be)
  • Airdrops are ONLY PVP during night time
  • The Inn / Town is a communal area for everyone to use which is strictly NO PVP OR RAIDING at any time.
  • No Destroying sleeping bags at any time or for any situation
  • Extortion / Holding up players is only allowed at night time
  • During raiding you're only allowed to destroy Walls/Doors
  • You are not allowed to grief anyone's house at any time. This includes building stairs for easy access, or building on / adjacent to their property.

Rules may be updated so I recommend you check back once a week (I will have a notification up should amendments be made)

Any breaches of the above rules will result in some form of disciplinary action. I recommend strongly running Fraps and recording as this is a indisputable method of reporting parties not obeying the above rules.

Aside from that I hope you enjoy our Server/Forums and become a regular!

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Forum » Forums » IMPORTANT: News / Rules / Updates *** Locked
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